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Restaurants in North Zealand , the good life, the good food and the best restaurants can be found in The Danish Reviera.

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Wærftets Madmarked Helsingør
The merry corner of the Danish Riviera & the Nordic countries

Explore North Zealand's culinary world and let yourself be seduced by all the little, charming breakfast restaurants cafes and eateries. North Zealand has all the prerequisites to live up to your expectations of a culinary experience.

Restaurants and Restaurants Cafe Olai Helsingør
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The best and friendliest restaurants and eateries in North Zealand and the best open sandwiches can be found in the town of Hamlet - Elsinore around the pedestrian streets Stengade, Bjerggade, Stjernegade and more in Sct. Olaigade.

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Elsinore with its many original specialty shops, & nbsp; the cozy cafes, restaurants and eateries located in beautiful surroundings with fine farm environments.

About Danish food culture, read The Nordic cuisine and Do Not miss & quot; a taste Of Denmark "that you can experience authentic at a local restaurant In the Hamlet town Of Elsinore

A cultural institution in Elsinore

Cafe Olai Helsingør

Restaurant Café Olai

Restaurant Café Olai is the oldest lunch restaurant in Elsinore and has a well-kept reputation that extends far beyond the country's borders.

Cafe Olai opened its doors for the first time on 10 Dec. 1987, and Restaurant Cafe Olai is today an institution in Elsinore.

Café Olai still reflects old Elsinore in both atmosphere and decor, and even the prices are like 1/4 century ago.

Restaurant Cafe Olai is one of the best restaurants and restaurants in Elsinore and is regularly mentioned in the magazines Travel News and Globetrotter, as part of Elsinore's culture.

Restaurants and restaurants Helsingør

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Restaurant Cafe Olai keeps the traditions, the Danish food culture and the restaurant has a wide and well-assorted menu both lunch and evening . & nbsp;

Cold lunch dishes and / or the best smørrebrød is a specialty you can expect from the crowns of honor breakfast restaurant Cafe Olai Helsingør.

Restaurant Olai does not have white tablecloths on the tables and a waiter for each table, in return there are sweet and smiling girls who serve you at the buffet and will do anything To make your visit an experience you want to repeat.

You can always find the balance on your gift card at Café Olai.

Open every day: 10:00 - 22:00 Kitchen closes 1 hour before.

Se Cafe Olai menu here

You will find Restaurant Café Olai at
Sct Olaigade 19 Helsingør

Table reservation Tel: 49 20 16 07
eller online Café Olai Table reservation .

Michelin chefs in Humlebæk

Restaurant Sletten Humlebæk

Restaurant Sletten i Humlebæk
Powered by Michelin chefs
Restaurant Sletten is run daily by head chef Kristian Arpe-Møller and restaurant manager Rune Amgild Jochumsen. When they took over their first restaurant, Formula B, in 2003, it was with a dream of Michelin stars and a top-class international restaurant. That dream must be said to have come true, because they have received stars, and they have also since opened several restaurants with the same high standard.

Passion and high ambitions
The two chefs' shared passion for cooking was and still is the driving force behind the high ambitions, which are also recognized by the experts. But today it is no longer just about getting star dust sprinkled on the wings and gaining international recognition. The goal is a simple, honest and unpretentious restaurant. And they have hit it right on the nail with Restaurant Sletten.

In addition to Formula B in Frederiksberg and Restaurant Sletten in Humlebæk, the star team also runs Formula B’s little sister restaurant, Informal and Restaurant Palægade in Copenhagen.&Nbsp;

Restaurant Sletten Gl. strandvej 137 3050 Humlebæk

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 12: 00-15: 00 and 18: 00-23: 00 (24:00 Friday and Saturday)
Breakfast: Last order at 15:00
Evening: Last order at 21:00 & nbsp;

Peter Beier Chocolate

ribhouse Helsingør

at Peter Beier Chokolade

In our café shops, we have created a universe where chocolate, ice cream and experiences are at the center.

Peter Beier Chokolade is a family business. We started the company together in 1996 and have since worked side by side. We work where we live and live where we work. Everyone in the family is involved to some degree - whether it is running the business, working in our stores or just coming up with new ideas and inputs. Our love for chocolate and for each other is what binds us together as a family and what drives the work of our lives - Peter Beier Chocolate.

Peter Beier is a recognized and honored chocolatier trained in Denmark, England, France, Belgium and Spain. At the age of 22, he was appointed head of the well-known Magasin du Nord's chocolate production. Seven years later, in 1996, he decided to create his own production of handmade chocolates of the highest quality and founded the company Peter Beier Chokolade. The company's state of the art production facilities are today located at Ørsholt Estate north of Copenhagen.

  • Peter Beier Danmark
  • Ørsholt Gods - Ørsholtvej 35 - Gurre
  • 3000 Helsingør
  • Denmark

  • Phone number : 49 17 00 26
  • Email :

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